What inspires you to write,

For me in the beginning it was a matter of saving myself and allowing myself to trust people and move forward. My first book Broken Trust is based upon true events. However, not all events are true (only the first ten chapters.) I won’t go into too many details about the book, but it is a survival story on how I survived through many years of every sort of abuse you could imagine from the people that I loved and trusted the most in my life. It was hard to write and I went through a whirlwind of emotions when I wrote it, With the support of my family and especially my wonderful husband I prevailed and won. After writing Broken Trust I decided to keep on writing. Past Sins my second book was so much fun to write. Where I was working at the time several people asked me to put them in my next book. So after having them all sign a paper (so I didn’t get sued) I set out to write Past Sins a suspense/thriller. I had so much fun writing this book and it is my most downloaded book as of yet. My third e Book is Whispering Woods, another suspense/thriller which I had fun writing as well. Yes, I used names from people that I know in this book who asked me to do so. (When I use peoples names though I never use the first and last name I use one or the other.) My fourth e Book that I am presently working on War Ghost came from an idea my husband gave to me and so I thought I would write it for him. It is also a suspense/thriller. Sometimes when we are driving down the road and I am looking out the window I will see a sign or something random and think man that would be a good name for a book and write it down in my notebook, like wise I will do the same if I see a place that gives me an eerie feeling I will mentally start a story line and put it in my notebook. When I am finished with the book I am writing I will go to my notebook and pick out the next story line then see if there are any names that I have written down that will go with the story. I guess you could say suspense/thriller is my genre as of far that I really love to write and is also the type that I really love to read.


4 thoughts on “What inspires you to write,

  1. On what inspires you to write, I find we have similar tastes. My only problem is what to do with the amount of ideas that come like a swarm of warm bees.
    Sort, prioritize. Sort, prioritize. Sort, prioritize. Sort, prioritize…


    • I understand Mike, i usually do my sorting first then prioritize everything in the order I want them to be. However, thongs do get changed around a few times before I actually make the final decision. One of the reason I re-blogged the article I found it very helpful.


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