Live Action “Cinderella” Trailer is Pretty, Predictable


There are things I really like about this Cinderella trailer, for the Kenneth Branagh directed Live Action version. Lily James, for one, removed from her Lady Rose character, and turned into a full blown fantasy. Richard Madden, for another, beard free and far removed from Winterfell. Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter doing what they do best while having lunch on the scenery.

What I don’t like is how straightforward it all is. There’s no twists, there nothing unexpected. It’s big budget Fairy Tale theater, very pretty to look at, but bringing nothing new to the table.

I mean, I suppose I should expect anything more or less from Disney, as they try to use the rise of CGI to remake their cartoon classics as live action movies in a way they couldn’t back in the golden years of the company. But those cartoons were new and different when they debuted. They…

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