Please have patience with me.

I am still trying to figure out this whole social networking thing so please be patient with me. If any of my blogs look weird, crazy or just down right silly you are probably right. I find it easier to sit down and write a book than learning all of the different social networking sites and how they work. This may take me awhile, I would gladly accept and appericate any advice or suggestions that any one has to offer.


7 thoughts on “Please have patience with me.

  1. That’s okay. I’d written three books before I ever had a Facebook profile. If it wasn’t for my teenagers helping me, I’d still be completely absent from social media. It took over three years to get my blog the way I wanted, and I still add things or adjust things. I’m sure you’ll have everything looking the way you want it in no time at all. Message me on FB if you need any help!


  2. Hi Mary,
    Do you know how the Twitter thing works with the followings? I was up to following 2,000 people at one time and now it is under 2,000 and I did not un-follow anyone. I have also noticed that the number of people I had following me seem to be decreasing as well? I’m not sure how it works. I think they want me to buy followers instead of earning them.


    • They will let you follow about 2000 and then your followers have to increase before you can add more. Just keep trying. The only reason you would decrease in people YOU follow would be if they delete their Twitter account. I would not buy followers-there is some kind of trick where it can look like you have more followers but they are not real people–like a robot follower. They will do you no good. If you retweet people they will often follow you and then you can follow them back.


      • Thanks, I don’t plan on buying any followers. I just noticed that the people I was following went down and I did not un-follow anyone. I also noticed I have received several notices over the last few weeks at least 20 plus that says are following me however, my number in followers decreased and didn’t go up. I was just curious. Thanks.


      • Before long it will become exponential!! I can barely keep up with thanking people for RTs etc. JustUnfollow is a good app that will tell you who unfollowed you so you can unfollow them. Not from a spiteful standpoint but if Twitter is limiting you until you get more followers-people who don’t follow you hurt your statistics.

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  3. I really think that it is Twitter because I have never received any messages saying that someone unfollowed me. I will keep an eye on it and see what happens. Thanks for all the information, as soon as things settle down around here which I hope is soon lol (have a pretty busy schedule at the moment) I would like to get with you on setting my page up differently. Thanks again.


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