Boost peripheral vision to develop that genius potential

Morcan Books & Films

Developing peripheral vision is one of eight additional intelligence-boosting techniques we investigate (in addition to many of the more obvious ones) in our bestselling GENIUS INTELLIGENCE: Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ — techniques we believe may hold brain boosting potential for aspiring geniuses.

An excerpt from Genius Intelligence follows:

Peripheral vision is what we use when something catches our attention “out of the corner of our eye.” It is the opposite of central vision, which is literally the center of our vision (looking directly ahead).

Most people in the modern world use central vision all day long with narrow field activities – such as looking at computer screens, reading books and watching television. This is akin to tunnel vision.

By contrast, our ancestors (especially Early Man) had stronger or better-attuned peripheral vision as they were primarily engaged in outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, fighting and traveling. To survive…

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