REVIEW: Why We Love Serial Killers-The Curious Appeal of the World’s Most Savage Murderers by: Scott Bonn, Phd


Why We Love Serial Killers 9781629144320

Confession time…admit it, you turn away in disgust when you see news of a Serial Killer on television, yet you will watch  shows that cover the stories of such vile creatures. Clearly there is a large audience for these stories as the networks cover them almost weekly.

We watch interviews of neighbors and time after time hear them say how shocked they are to discover they lived next door to a serial killer, because he was “always a nice guy, always a good neighbor.”

Perhaps we don’t understand why these monsters aren’t more obvious to us. Most serial killers lead very normal lives and don’t “look” like monsters.

What is the fascination? Why are we shocked and disgusted, yet curious at the same time?

Author Scott Bonn, Phd is considered one of the world’s top experts on criminal behavior, and in his book, he explains our interest to us, and…

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