Book Review – December Sunshine: Love in Jave

Lucidity Publishing


December Sunshine: Love in Jave Series (Love in Java Book 1)

Author Evida Suntoyo is a skilled storymaster. She has woven together this tale with such skill that I did not guess the twists and turns of the plot. A situation is presented near the beginning, and then she explains how it came about. The imagery was so realistic that today I am remembering scenes from the book and have to remind myself it was a book and not a movie. Although I have never been to Indonesia, the descriptions of places and people came to life in these pages.

The story was sweet and bittersweet. Without giving anything away, I found myself very much liking some of the characters and hoping they would succeed in their dreams. Other characters were evil to the bone. Not knowing the culture of Indonesia, I do not know their customs but Suntoyo madeā€¦

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