Marketing of e Books.

I find the world of marketing to be a little confusing and overwhelming to begin with, It is hard enough to try  and find a traditional publisher and even get them to take a look at your book. I find the same to be true in the promoting of e Books as well; if not harder. E books have slowly but surely found their way into the world of technology and are becoming big sellers themselves. Still the question remains, how do you get a traditional publisher to review and take a look at your book seriously?

I too, like many other have done the giveaways and given free copies away for an honest review which I do think helps and makes a difference if you can get the readers to do an actual review for you. When doing the giveaways and giving copies away for a honest review I find that you are lucky if you can get one or two to do the actual review. Another problem we writers of e Books run into is if the book is given away it is very hard to get sites like Barnes and Nobles as well as Amazon to let them post a review because the book way given away.

I know that book signings and book clubs are just as important to help to get your books and name out there (word of mouth after all is everything for anything to be successful.) However, I have searched and searched and find no place in my area where any e book group reading clubs exists. Do any exists in your areas? I have also tried to have the e books placed in out local libraries (which they do do) however, you have to go through certain companies to have them placed on a waiting list to gt into them.

All good things come from hard work and I also believe in the saying where luck meets opportunity. I have had a little more success this year from book bloggers reading and posting reviews on their blog sites and being on a couple of Author Spotlight pages as well as doing as much advertising (free) that I can think of to get the e Books and my name out there. I know that there are several sites out there that will offer to help promote the books for a fee (usually to expensive for me) and after doing much research on these companies, I find that many of them don’t get you any more exposure than going the free route.

If anyone doesn’t mind sharing their experiences on what they have found that works for them in the promotion of e Books and getting traditional publishing houses to take a serious look at them or even sharing ideas that you have used to get your book out there and sell; feel free to post your comments and how you became successful. I as well as many others would gratefully appreciate it.

K. D. Wilson


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