Snowflakes in a Blizzard, is a great way for new authors (and established authors) to get free exposure!

Good afternoon authors, bloggers, book reviewers, readers, publishers and literary agents. Today, I would like to remind those who already know or share with you to those that don’t about Darrell Laurant’s newsletter, “Snowflakes in a Blizzard” that he has put together to help us new (and established) authors get the word out there about our books. He has done an amazing job, and put in a great deal of time and effort to help us authors out. So, if you haven’t already signed up or shared the newsletter on your social sites, now is a great time to do so, the more followers he gets, the more (free) exposure for us authors.

My e Book, “Past Sins” is to be featured in the newsletter on June 30th. This is not just some ordinary newsletter that has been thrown together, (like I stated before he has put in a great deal of time and effort into it) and I for one am very appreciative for what he is doing for us. He not only features your book, but he also alerts the media outlets in your area when you are being featured. He is very willing to work with you as well and tries his best to make sure you are featured when you have a promotion going on or if you have a book signing coming up. I believe that he has featured authors scheduled up into September, so there is plenty of months left to jump in on the band wagon. Below, I will share with you an email that I received from him today (along with all the other followers to the newsletter), so that you can get a feel of what he does for us authors and see all the hard work he puts into it:

Dear Snowflakes participants:

We’re going into our third week, and things are progressing beautifully. It is also dawning on me that there are a number of ways to spin this project — all good, as they say.

Primarily, Snowflakes in a Blizzard is designed to help writers market their books. But it could also be of interest, I’m finding out, to:

1. Independent bookstores. I’d like to feature one of these every week, with the quid pro quo that they would stock copies of a Snowflake author in that area. After awhile, indy bookstores might start looking at the site to find books that no one else in selling.
2. Small publishers. It can only help them to have some “micropublicity” brought to bear on one of the books under their imprint.
3. Literary agents. We’re highlighting new talent, and smart agents may be paying attention.
4. Readers. At least one person has told me in an e-mail that she plans to keep up with the site to find books she never would have known about otherwise.

As soon as we get enough followers to make us credible, I’m going to be contacting all the aforementioned groups.

Thanks so much to all the writers who have participated so far. I know that it’s a sacrifice to be featured now, because we’re just getting started and have only a relative handful of followers. I promise I’ll make it up to you later.

Also, I’m going to put a drop-down menu on the Author’s page on the site so people can check out you and your out after the fact. Finally, on every Monday, I’m going to include short news items about Snowflake participants along with the promo of that week’s newly featured books.

These new items can also include books and authors that haven’t been featured yet. I’m now into September on the schedule, but I still want to include future participants.

News items might include book signings, awards your book has received, the addition of You Tube promo videos or audio book versions, new books or magazine articles that you’ve published, etc.

For example, on June 15 I plan to list books that might make good last-minute gifts for Father’s Day, from both past and future Snowflakes. I’ll do that for all the holidays. I’m also creating a page called “Books by Genre” (including, of course, those that don’t have a genre).

I decided to use this feature as a bridge between the Friday entry and Tuesday, to equalize the number of days for each. However, I will still direct readers to the Friday-Monday book on its last day.

Finally, I plan to make better use of the Facebook page (



So, as you can see this is a great way to get exposure for your book/books, so don’t forget to sign up and share the link with your followers.

K.D. Wilson


5 thoughts on “Snowflakes in a Blizzard, is a great way for new authors (and established authors) to get free exposure!

  1. Thanks Zach, I thought so to and wanted to share with everyone. I apologize for the misspelling of authors in the title line, I did not edit or check before posting.


  2. I have went back and edited the blog and fixed all the spelling mistakes; I apologize, as an author, I should have done this before posting. However, this is still a great newsletter and a great thing that Darrell is doing and I think should be shared.


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