Busy as a Bee!!

It’s that time of the year, crunch time for me and my editor to get the book out and off to the publishing house. Although, long hours making the changes (luckily, simple changes) it is exciting at the same time. I have high hopes for this book, in hopes of jump starting my career as a writer. As many know, it is a hard field to break into and although, we may have had books published and out there; unless you are a known author you are not going to get very far.

That is why giving away a few books for reviews is necessary, I know some authors don’t like to do this. However, it is how my book got noticed from a well known and great editor that is taking a chance on me because he liked what he saw. Never give up on that dream, my first book was published (self of course) in 2001 and here I am 15 almost 16 years later and I am one step closer to that dream.

Networking is so important in our field of choice, join as many sites (Goodreads, WordPress, Goggle and even make yourself and author’s page on Facebook) to help start and establish a fan base. Always join and like other author’s pages as well, this is not only a great way of networking your book (cause many of us share the others authors work on our pages and they in return do the same for you.) It is also a great way to learn from others (and you would be surprised at how helpful other authors are in helping you to learn the ropes). Never take this for granted, pay it forward and share what you have learned with new and upcoming author’s (remember, you were once in their shoes.)

Have a great week everyone!


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